What is Train In The Ring?

TRAIN in the RING is here for everyone and their dog. So, If you plan to…

  • Start agility competitions sometime in the future.
  • Have already started competition but not getting the clear runs you expected.
  • Getting the clear runs, but only just in the course time or not in it at all.

or just want a good day out with your furry friend. Then, TRAIN in the RING is for you.

TRAIN in the RING recognize the stepping stones you need to get the COMPETITION run you want. We hear so often from people who tell us that their dog is amazing at their training club and as soon as their dog hits the competition ring, it is like they have a different dog…

  • start line wait problems
  • jumping contacts
  • missing weave entries
  • running under or knocking poles
  • running out the ring
  • not getting the course time you would had hoped for

Sound familiar?

The COMPETITION run you want is not as out of reach as you may think.

TRAIN in the RING provides you the opportunity to build on small successes, create and reward good routines in the competition ring.

Take your training into the agility ring and build confidence. Check out our Training to Competition events, guest trainers , training camps and seminars. Competition Training shows and Kennel Club licensed Agility shows.

…make a difference.

“It is a fantastic way to have a go at agility without being totally stressed about competition we had a great time and got lots of advice and tips from lovely people.”

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Reasons To Train in the Ring


You want to create a flalous start line routine, or finish routine.

Reactive dog – and you have been practising skills outside the ring, you would like to put into practice.

You may want to practice contacts

You may have been sequencing and you want to extend the sequence to a half course or full course

You may have been practicing European turns at training and want to practice them in a busier environment on a full course

You may have been practicing speed training and want to practice that away from your training venue

You may have a dog that reacts in the ring at shows, you can positive reward wanted behaviours in the ring in a quieter environment.

And lets face it if you just want a bit of extra practice away from training, meet new people & a fun few hours with your dog, then lets train in the ring!!

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