Words from happy attendees

We pride ourselves on providing fun, relaxed agility events and do our utmost to ensure each event is just that.  But don’t just take our word for it, read from some of our happy attendees.

Lovely atmosphere everyone was all supporting each other

“Thanks for a fantastic show today we had a great time. Charlie did good with two 3rd places so proud of my wee boy. Thanks to the judges enjoyed their courses and all the helpers today.

Also huge thanks Suina and Carol for all your hard work in arranging the show. It was a lovely atmosphere everyone was all supporting each other. Roxy and Charlie even made some new friends. Looking forward to the next time.”

Donna & Charlie


Loved the atmosphere

“Massive thank you to Suina and Carol for such an amazing show and letting me help lol! Had great fun working on Fiona’s ring and saw some fantastic partnerships.

Rosie had her clever head on today and was a wee gem. Maggie loved the atmosphere too. Can’t wait for the next”

Lisa, Maggie & Rosie


Train in the Ring has been a fantastic idea

“Kyla is a fast, excitable, very smart little Springer Spaniel. She is also very sniffy, easily bored and gets frustrated if you are not giving her the right signals/direction about what you want her to do.

I would say I am an inexperienced handler and during 2015 only in my second year of competition. My other dog, who is a lot steadier and doesn’t fault me for my mistakes won us all through to grade 3 by early in 2015. This was much to my surprise and I have to say fear, as I really didn’t feel ready for this and would have liked a lot more time at G1 and G2 with Kyla.

I did a few shows with Kyla in 2015 but it was quite disastrous! Taking off backwards out the ring at the start to sniff that smell I wouldn’t let her near, leaving ring to hunt rabbits, playing “zoomies” around ring and making up her own course, and the worst was leaving ring and going into next one where another dog was competing, etc. I was so nervous of what she was going to do next I stopped going to shows.

I knew we needed much more practice over courses away from training nights but this is very difficult with a small garden and limited equipment. Then Suina came up with the idea of Train in The Ring and it just sounded like exactly what we needed. Competition type courses where you could take a toy and stop and correct/reinforce stays, contacts etc.

And the main thing for me…fenced rings!!

We have done a couple of the Train in Ring sessions and the Golden Ticket show so far and I am so very happy with the results. I felt much more comfortable as I could keep her attention with her toy at the start and she was certainly more receptive. But what dawned on me was just how relaxed I felt going into the ring with her. In the past I was usually nervous about what she would do this time and felt really uptight. Of course she would have felt this and I believe the route of our problems.

I have gone to 2 shows with her this month and we both have thoroughly enjoyed them, even coming home with a second place jumping in a combined class! She has not left the ring, although she has done one or two runs past jumps to sniff but come back to the game as soon as called. She is also looking much more relaxed herself with a waggy tail and thoroughly enjoying the praise, tuggy and treats at the end of the round.

Train in the Ring has been a fantastic idea and certainly working for us.”

Barbara and Kyla


Love the train in the ring shows

“Thank you for a fantastic day today. Love the train in the ring shows, such a great idea, so good to be able to train your dog in a show environment.

Also nice to have a wee competition run or two as well – wally says his trophy is his favourite ever! Kaia will have to steal one of moss’s though as she disappeared out the ring in her only competition run. Looking forward to the next one”

Kim, Wally, Moss & Kaia


Millie and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to compete without shows like yours

“Would just like to say thank you for running the fun shows. Millie and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to compete without shows like yours. Yes sometimes, well most of the time she does her own thing. But she totally clicked in her last run today and ran beautifully for me. She tends to make me work during the courses as if to say well I’m working hard so you are going to be challenged here too. But the confidence the shows have given me have made me not worry about what it going on outside of the ring and focus on myself and millie.

Lucy & Millie


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