Why we created TRAIN in the RING

At TRAIN in the RING we understand that you want to do your best in the competition ring. 

Having fun is very important for both you and your dog and enjoying your day is a must.

However, we also understand the competition ring can be “rather over whelming” for both dog and handler.

We know what a huge step it can be attending a Kennel Club competition, lots of courses to walk and remembers, people, dogs, distractions…… and we know this can be a far place from the comfort and familiarity of your training ground.

We want to help banish any ring nerves or  insecurity’s.

We want you to succeed and compete with confidence.

We want your run to flow and for you to feel confident in your dogs ability to run as if they where at their home ground.

We at TRAIN in the RING have 25 years agility competition experience, we really have been there and done that and know what it feels like to start off in the competition ring.

As experienced competitors ourselves, we also know, that running a dog in the competition ring doesn’t always go to plan. 

We arrive at the competition fully expecting our dog to “compete like we train” after all we have been “training like we want to compete”. 

We know that even for the experienced competitor that unwanted habits can creep into the competition ring…. break in start line stays, missed contacts, run out the ring, sniff, knocking poles…

They develop and sometime seem impossible to resolve.

Lots of regular competitors have been telling us  “our dog never does that in training”.

 As we know, at Kennel Club competitions, the rules state  NO training in the ring, NO rewarding, NO touching your dog.

There are lots of Kennel Club rules that mean when things don’t go according to plan in the competition ring, there is not a lot that you can do about it.

But, as experienced competitors, we know that if you practice course running away from your home ground, where you can reward your dog with their favourite toy or treat….. ,…. it will make a difference!

We have created TRAIN in the RING, TRAINING to COMPETITION events so you can do this.  

You can break down sequences, practice and reward contacts, startline stays, weaving poles etc. practice handling sequences,  tighten up turns, build speed, the list is huge and the benefits even bigger!

Bring your training to the competition ring, you can even bring your agility trainer with you if you want!

With the 2016 agility season finishing and the new agility season on its way, we are planning lots. Keep posted on our website by registering your email below and you will be notified of new added events.

  • Penny Stirling
    Posted at 11:12h, 17 February

    I love this idea and really want to try some of your events with my spaniel.

    • titr_admin
      Posted at 15:40h, 24 February

      Thank you for your feedback Penny. If you need any more information please get in touch. Looking forward to meeting you and your dog soon. Train in the Ring